Suzy Meszoly

Suzy Meszoly is an energetic channel, healer, psychic and a counselor.


Suzy completed the rigorous traditional seven year training in Europe with the great Hungarian healer, Karoly Fodor, as a Reiki Master in the Usui Tibetan method. Originally from Australia she lived in Europe for many years where she was also trained as a counselor in client-centered therapy. She holds certificates in herbal medicine, holistic nutrition and polarity therapy and is an ordained minister in the Order of Melchezidek, World Light Fellowship.


She practices classical homeopathy addressing physical, mental and emotional illness in both acute and chronic conditions. She is a graduate of the New York School of Homeopathy and has an office in Woodstock at Sage Healing Arts Center.


Over the years Suzy has enriched her healing practices through studies with Buddhist Lamas, herbalists, healers, shamans, channelers and metaphysics teachers in the US, Australia, Peru, Hungary, Nepal and India.


Suzy has been channeling the Master Teachers and also teaching workshop classes on the healing arts, the chakra system and spiritual living in New York, Westchester and Woodstock for over twelve years after moving to the US.


Previous to her healing work, Suzy worked for 15 years in the international contemporary art world, working 10 years for a foundation in Eastern Europe, as an executive director and curator. Her first degree in the visual arts and education she received from Melbourne University, after which she attended the Master’s course at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts in Hungary.  Suzy now lives in the Catskills with her young daughter and a menagerie of animals!

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