Lada Levit Promordial Voice


An adult has 2 voices, a “thinking” voice, which is active, and a primordial voice, which is usually dormant.


A “thinking” voice is a voice connected to the brain and communicates the data registered by the brain. The vocal cords and muscles are used to produce a thinking brain.

Primordial Voice is connected to the “gut” or “heart”. It is produced by the trachea and by the smooth muscles, which are connected to our subconscious mind. It communicates our inner wisdom, our inner guidance, it says, “I lead you, I guide you”.

Knowing your Primordial Voice and recognizing it is the most powerful tool to the secret of life, making the right choices, committing to the right situations, and interacting with the right people. Remember, you have spent many years trying to change yourself to acquire qualities that are not yours just to fit the standards which are too general and do not reflect your unique nature. The question is whether or not you have succeeded? And does your success set you free?

The Primordial Voice is not about changing or improving, it is about KNOWING yourself and living in accordance to your TRUE SELF. Knowing who you are is the KEY to your freedom. The PV program is a course consisting of several stages of special exercises, breath work, and energy work, and although it takes time to master this technique, even one hour of this work will give you the experience of what it is like to be in your own power. Suppression of your Primordial Voice creates patterns of disharmony and disruption of your body/mind connection and well-being.

By opening to Primordial Voice and freeing the movement of it in your body, you will experience:

  • Personal power
  • Connection with the source
  • Freedom of the creative force within
  • A deepening and improvement in your voice
  • Feelings of bliss and happiness
  • A strengthening of your intuition
  • A shifting of blocks in your life force (Qi)
  • An expansion of personal skills and professional effectiveness
  • You will be heard

And you will learn how to heal yourself with Primordial Voice on a deep physical and emotional level.


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