Testimonials for Damien

Damien wakes up the spirit, the ego shrinks, my gratitude flows to all my new friends. Thanks for reminding me to feel and Love myself.
~ Swami Viram, Nov. 2012 Sedona, AZ


Felt safe a a great love. I was able to open up and not feel judged, Thank you!
~ Deepti, Nov. 2012 Sedona, AZ


Damien, Thank you for your wonderful teachings. I have been wondering if there is a way to make past life and current issues clearing easy.
Thank you for your wonderful guidance for helping me learn to clear old frequencies. I now feel my Spirit Soring, Thank you very much…
~Kyle K., Nov. 2012 Sedona, AZ


Damien, Thank you for sharing your beautiful and power gift. You are truly a blessing!
~ Mary Powers, Nov. 2012 Sedona, AZ


Expansion is Key, I loved every minute of it.
~ Pankaj, Nov. 2012 Sedona, AZ


Just be open and receive what comes to you. It is meant to come at that moment.
~ Prem Prabuddha, Nov. 2012 Sedona, AZ


Hard to put into words, a mind blowing-experience and a deep recognition that is so tremendously joyful. I am so grateful!  All my love…
~ Amayra Hamilton, Nov. 2012 Sedona, AZ


Damien’s work is so grounded & profound. My heart is open and I feel empowered to continue to make changes in my life…
~ Laura Chasko, Phoenix, AZ


My heart is MORE MORE MORE than ever, One with ALL THAT IS,,, So round, full, vibrant, expanded, radiant- still spiralingi nto a colossal fireworks displaying LOVE. I feel One with all my bretheren in the room- mostly I feel am One with myself.. Thank you!
~ Julie, Nov. 2012 Sedona, AZ


The level of intuitio, love and acceptance helped me open my heart and very being.  I gave mself the opportunity to let go.. Thank you..
~ Presila V Campos (Sangeeta) Nov. 2012 Sedona, AZ



Los Angeles, California, USA, April 2011

You reminded me how important it is to be aware of my heart.
How easily it closes and what it takes to feel open again.

Sel S., Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, USA, April 2011

A healing session with Damien is a deep personal experience. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to meet him. Just by thinking of my healing session brings me so much happiness and a great sense of relief. My youth, my childhood, and my deep past have been cleared. I feel spontaneously happy since my session.

Deepti B., Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, USA, April 2011

There are no words that can truly communicate the transmission received, so I will try my best. I am lovingly reminded that at any moment I decide I can be re-connected to the Source. The power and light was so immense at times I felt blinded…but I trusted, allowing it to flow and become a part of me again, as it always has been. I am grateful that you are a clear vessel for the divine stream of consciousness to flow through. It’s a very different quality to come from one’s heart space versus your mind, especially for me…so I’m feeling a little spacey in the head and full and loving in my heart…which is where we are all meant to be.
Keep lighting up the world my friend!

Bodhi E., Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, USA, April 2011

It was truly a joy to work with Damien. He is a shining example of someone who is working beyond the ego and in touch with spirit. I am still enjoying the benefits of my session with him – I have a lightness of spirit and an opening of the heart that I know is a direct result of my work with him. Meeting him was a great blessing in my life and my hope is that more people have the opportunity to experience his extraordinary  gift.

Gyanand S., Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, USA, April 2011

The most amazing thing that I went through, was releasing my throat chakra blockage that despite of the fact that I’ve been working intensely towards it for so many years, disappeared completely… to the point that I was feeling the whole inside my throat the next day… amazing relief!!! The other amazing thing that happened today, after I practiced the release of a negative feeling technique, after feeling so low due to listening to someone’s harsh and egoistical judgments, I was back to feeling love and peace in less than a minute!!!
I completely feel centered, focused and decisive to a very new degree!
All I can say is that what Damian contributes is a Gift from God!
Thank you Damian, thank you God!

Lilian A., Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, USA, April 2011

Just was thinking with gratitude about Damien.
My soul finally let go of some of mine not forgiven pains and grudges, that I had before the session for a year or so, and it feels so good to be connected straight with my spirit again and write poetry and not to rush anywhere mentally. My husband feels great too!
My new poem for Damien:

So delicate!
Little lilac buds strung as beads
On the burgundy brunches
Of the Japanese plum trees.
So fragile…
Sustained the cruelty
Of the ferocious earthquake.

Lark P., Los Angeles

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, March 2011

I haven’t ever really looked into this type of healing before and the time spent with Damien has created a true believer out me. I find it very difficult to put into words what Damien did for me. I felt joy and elation to sorrow and the realization there were many things in my life which need to be changed. It was the most powerful and wondrous experience I could have ever imagined. If you receive the gift of working with Damien it’s something that will change your life and can make you a better person.
Daniel T., Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, March 2011

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Damien. I am
waking up and beginning to know who I really am. The weight has been
lifted, light is pouring in, and I seem to be moving quickly and easily
through major life transitions that had previously seemed

Sheryl S., Salt Lake City

Berlin, Germany, March 2011

I became very calm and quiet. My thinking has changed, for example, I don’t feel any anxiety any more. Before I got panic feelings about all the bad news in the world. I don’t feel that any more; not that I am not touched any more, but it doesn’t affect me emotionally as strong as earlier. I can see that the group-clearing has strengthened my inner centre, my middle.

Saskia S., Berlin

Berlin, Germany, January 2011

These days with Damian and you all were just miraculous.
Now my Spirit sits completely in me – I can feel that.
I feel much safer and more natural and more connected…
And my heart… Wow! THANK YOU!!!

Parmatma G., Berlin

Berlin, Germany, January 2011

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for everything again. Against my initial fear to be in a group, I felt very welcome.
All day long I am in a happy, cheerful mood, which I do not know at all from myself.
I have the impression that deep inside myself something has changed and with astonishment I experience a new development, which already becomes apparent in the background.

Damien has huge internal knowledge and wisdom. He gave us much information on an unconscious level through the higher, divine energy and, besides, our energy was also raised. His little stories appealed to everybody in a miraculous way.
It was a joyous energy play, which made us thoughtful and connected all of us in a harmonious way.

I know that we will see again.
Christa O., Berlin

Berlin, Germany, January 2011

Dear Damien,
I want to thank you for all that you´ve brought into my life.
Since I have met you, my life has changed completely.
The work you do is such a blessing and has transformed my heaviness and sadness.
I feel connected to the source again and my spirit is anchored in my body.
I am present and back on track, trusting in my guidance, connected to my soul and happy to continue the work I wanted to do on this planet.
Every cell of my body seems to be smiling after you did the activation with me, and there is a lightness and joyfulness guiding me through the day.
And when heaviness or depressive thoughts want to come back, I just have to think of the pure and lightful being that you are and the unconditional love you give, and I remember that this is also my truth, as you are teaching every day… ;-))
I am deeply grateful for the grace that guided you into my life!

Susanne S., Berlin

Berlin, Germany, December 2010

After the meditation I felt very grounded and refreshed and since then I feel simply blessed and flooded with light.

During the whole healing I have perceived many light grids and connecting nets – clearly and very cleaning!
After the Clearing the tears came to me once more; it touches me so deeply!
Your work is a divine present to humanity, to all living beings, to Mother Earth!
Wiebke S., Berlin

Berlin, Germany, December 2010

YES! I already did dream in light grids, cannot describe it, but it is wonderful!
Thank you so much.
Regina B., Berlin

Berlin, Germany, December 2010

I have seen the light and have felt the unconditional love.
I feel honoured and blessed, to be part of it, I live.

I live and work in Braunschweig and I felt like a torchbearer, who drives along the highway towards home.

Yesterday I have almost only slept, smiled and have cried, everything is without heavyness, it like it is, trust!

Thank you that I could participate and sincerely all my love and light
Claudia P., Berlin

Dublin, Ireland, December 2010

This is life changing, healing work that Damien so gracefully facilitates.
Each time we meet, he comments on how much I’ve changed,
and that is due in large part to the work we do together in his workshops and group clearings.
He has helped me to leave behind old negative beliefs and energetic blocks,
and to become a happier, healthier incarnation of my true self.”

Patrick Bridgeman
Editor – Positive Life magazine
Dublin – Ireland

Dublin, Ireland, December 2010

This was definitely a life-changing workshop for me!

I could feel some of my blocks, which I have been working on all my lifetime, literally melting away.
Damien’s work goes very deep, but is never invasive.
I feel respected and seen and full of energy after these two days.

I feel so blessed with all the gifts that I received – Thank you!

Ingrid N., Berlin

Dublin, Ireland, September 2010

“The Light Points Technique is a very powerful healing, which addresses illness on a spiritual level.To me it has opened up healing on a completely new level, it takes us forward into the new age of health and healing where energy medicine finally has a place.
Working with Damien has been, and continue to be, both a pleasure and an adventure. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to release old patterns and move forward in all areas of their life.”

Dublin, Ireland, September 2010

Thank you for being with us all last week – and for all the gifts you have given us. I’ve been “with”  words for a testimonial – but like the thank you which I have just written – it’s not easy to find words to describe the depth of what goes on and your role in it all – it’s truly beyond words.  Here’s an attempt though as I can see that’s it’s helpful to you.

Damien is a wonderful, gentle and very powerful Being of LIght who passionately shares his immense gifts.  He lives every moment in awareness of the Light that flows through him and this can be witnessed in his actions and his words during his clearing, healing and teaching sessions. I feel blessed to have come in contact with him and to receive the benefits of the healing and life-changing energy that is channelled through him.  He is playing a very significant part in the spiritual awakening and transforming of our lives and our world and I am deeply grateful to him for choosing this role.  He has inspired and supported me in my becoming a clearer Being of Light and for that I am grateful beyond words.