What is Light Grids & How does it Work?

Damien Wynne ~ Light-Grids

What is Light Grids about?

DAMIEN WYNNE_0404It’s about coming home and feeling home in your body and fully taking back your power and responsibility, leaving you free of programs and fears, which were blocking you from your fullest potential.

We are living our lives and making decisions related to our past experiences and programs. Light Grids is about clearing these programs and fears, so we can fully live and enjoy our gifts and talents, facing life in a richer, more balanced way, free of fears and manipulation.

Light Grids works with frequencies. In these frequencies on every chakra through our whole field, including the aura and our energetic field is a blueprint of our history from every experience from our star-lives through every life on this earth up to now. Each of these stories are only in our field, because we didn’t face them and so we didn’t learn from them.
We are opening up these stories and facing them now. This way we can clean them from our cellular history, so that we don’t have to carry them in our cells any more. But we can bring the teachings of them into our souls and our lives.

How has spiritual work changed over the last time?

Instead of peeling off the layers like an onion, which was related to one issue in each layer, we are now going directly into our core. Our outside life is a reflection of our core and vice versa. Light Grids brings you into the core issues, the seed of all issues and makes you face and deal with those issues in a clearer way,  giving you back your responsibility and power.

How does it work in the clearing groups?

In the group-work we are working together as a collective and it is a collective of programs and fears. The larger the groups the more we can work on clearing. Each person will bring a list of their priorities to the table, which they would like to work on.
Because we all have similar issues, we can help and support each other.

The group work is like opening doors and behind these doors are your fears and programs. And it’s your free will and responsibility – do you want to go into these rooms and start cleaning these programs.

Some of these programs are so strong that they almost feel like an old friend (example: illness) or it’s not the time to let them go. They feel like they are so much part of us and our lives, that there is a huge fear of letting them go. Or, if you let them go, there maybe a feeling of loosing part of you.

What can I expect after a group?

Many of us have hooks from other people or have put hooks into other people in this life or in past lives. This work is about giving you back your power and confidence to start letting go and releasing these hooks. The usual feeling after this is a feeling of being alone, but feeling good about being alone. It’s then you are ready to be in a relationship, because you want to be in a relationship, not you need to be – and it’s good for you. It also helps you lose your expectations of being in a relationship.
You let it flow and you both grow together naturally not putting structures or expectations on top of each other.

Light Grids is not about a “Hollywood Happiness “or life style. It’s about real living. It’s about facing your issues on a daily bases and taking responsibility of your actions in a grounded clear way. You will still feel the pain and different emotions. But this time you have the free will, not to suppress them in your cells, which before was creating illness. Now you are strong enough to face them, to feel them and to grow from the experience and to live the full power of all your emotions.