Damien Wynne


Light Grids

A New Means of Spiritual and Physical Clearing

Damien Wynne is a teacher for self-healing-abilities and self-empowerment.

Damien Wynne has developed his channeling and healing skills by working with high vibration beings and entities, and by being taught by them how to effectively and significantly help people to clear blocks, and mental and emotional patterns, so that they can come more into alignment with their Higher Selves.

These meetings will change the vibrations in your body so that you connect more deeply with the universe. Changes in your life will become easier. You will put yourself in a better position for the knowledge of the universe to open to you so that it is available when you need it. Your vision will be cleared so that you will see life, yourself, others, and the universe more clearly. These activation sessions are for people who feel ready for a major life change.

After your Light-Grids Activations you will be like a lighthouse for the people around you. You will be able to guide other people on their true paths. Ask yourself if you feel yourself drawn to this light work. Feel to see if it resonates in your heart.

For registration and further information contact Mel:
Mel@SacredGatheringsAndEvents.com Phone: (310) 710-8081

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