Sacred Grounding & Play Adventure .. Sedona! April 16 – 22, 2018


Join  Mel (Mary) Finnerty  & Lisa O’Brien and an intimate group of like-minded friends on a journey to the Sacred Land of Sedona, AZ

April 16 – 22, 2018


As we ground with Mother Nature, connecting our mind, body and spirit with the wisdom of the earth, spending time in silence, play and community. Nourishing our true Self and clearing what no longer serves.

Be prepared to let go of what was never you and feel, see and hear your true Self-create your next invitation of living a remarkable life.

Testimonial: “What isn’t there to say about this wonderful retreat? Amazing support, amazing sites, amazingly nourished mind, body, and soul.
This was a solo trip I decided to go on as a treat for myself. It wound up being a bonding experience with 9 other people that changed my life and how I view the world, with whom I am still great friends with today. Now I’m aware that every trip will be different, but with the guidance from these two women, there will be more delight than you could have imagined.
Sedona is one of those lands that is wrapped in mystical and wonderment. From exploring the sites to visiting the less traveled path (trust me there’s more of that than anything) your body will be thankful you went along.
If you are on the fence about going on this trip, trust your inner wisdom and take the leap of faith. Mary and Lisa will cradle you in play, whimsy, ceremony, freedom and honor the true authentic you as you discover what Sedona can do for you. The retreat house is every bit as comfortable as your own home. Wait till you see the backyards! Red rocks as far as the eyes can see, outdoor seating, fire pits, tents, hot tubs, hammocks. Incredible yoga in the morning, activities all day into the night. Did I mention the personal chef yet?? That alone will nourish your soul and body and remind you to be better to yourself.
Enjoy this trip as a recharge and a reboot of your system. You will not be sorry! I want to do it again and again!” ~ Courtney T

I want to give a great big THANK YOU  to Lisa and Mary for putting together an amazing journey into the heart of Sedona. I cannot describe with words the pure joy, sense of wonder, and adventure that filled my entire being while staying there. It was an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget. I witnessed so much transformation in such a short period of time within myself and all those who surrounded me. The bonds that were formed are forever in my heart. I am eternally grateful for each and every one who blessed me with their presence as we traversed a land of untamed beauty, mystery, and intrigue together. The pureness of the energy seemed to bring out the best in me. It was the first time I have felt whole and alive in many many years.

Thank You All,
Rich P


What is included:

  • Gourmet Chef lovingly preparing our meals (except for 2 lunches and Final Dinner)
  • Daily Yoga to awaken each morning
  • Sunrise and Sunset Meditations & Healings
  • Daily hikes to Sacred Vortexes
  • A Group Light Grid Healing Session
  • A Drum Healing Circle and Blessing
  • Plenty of time to rest, visit town, play and site see
  • One on One coaching session w/ Mary
  • A Sacred Sweat lodge to sweat our prayers and to integrate our Sedona Journey together w/ Rahelio (suggested donation of $30.00)


What you will want to have for your journey:

  • An open heart
  • Hiking shoes or good running shoes
  • Sunscreen and/or hat
  • Swimsuit
  • Warm clothing for the evening
  • A Journal
  • loose comfortable clothes for movement
  • Drum and/or rattle and yoga mat (if you have any of these items)

Birthing Cave

Arrive in Sedona for a Special Welcoming dinner to be served at 6:00 pm on Monday, April 16

Depart from our Journey Sunday, April 22 @ 12:00 noon


How to get to Sedona:

Flight into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Shuttle to Sedona
r Rent a Car

We will be living in a beautiful private home. The address will be released/emailed with your commitment. Rooms & bathrooms will be shared.
Others will choose to stay at a lovely affordable hotel minutes from the private home for more privacy.
*Camping available at our private home by request

Southwest Inn of Sedona:
Days Inn of Sedona:

Please make your reservation ASAP to receive the best rates and guarantee your room


Please feel free to Call/Email Mary (Mel) with all questions:
(310) 710-8081





→Exchange of $1800.00 when staying in-house (first come first serve)
→Exchange of $ 1575.00  when staying at nearby hotel or off-site
→$500 Deposit to Hold Your Space. Balance Paid in Full by March 1st, 2018
♥All payments to be made to  choosing Friends and Family Option





Transformational coach/mentor sessions w/ Mel (Mary)
Single sessions, packages and 7-10 personal retreats offered

email to connect