Mary (Mel) Coach/Mentor Sessions

Mary (Mel) Finnerty

Founder, SGAE

  transformational coach/mentor
events producer
adventure facilitator / sacred lodging and retreat services

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Offerings: Single Private sessions, Session Packages (on-going) and Personal 7-10 Private Retreats

To schedule your complimentary, 30 minute session with Mary, email:

What people are saying:


Mary has a very unique and special way of connecting with any soul, human or animal. She enters every situation with her heart fully engaged and listens without any judgement. She has a way of making you feel comfortable in your own skin, while guiding and teaching you new skills on self love and acceptance. Over 3 decades she has been healing and adding more tools to her toolbelt of life, only to be able to share with others. I plan to continue to lean on Mary as a personal coach and guide in her magical seminars she leads. Thank you Mary for being a great example of full self acceptance…

Jenifer, Wellness coach


Mary is one of the most supportive transformational coaches I have ever worked with; she authentically embraces your life and work and desires your goals to unfold to its highest potential. Whether it is a one-on-one setting or a group format, she aids your spiritual growth with gentility, ease and grace. Her group settings are immensely immersed in loving support: as if you are gracefully held in the divine loving hands. I highly recommend her workshops; for they have catapulted me to my next step of the journey. I thank her for everything.

Vicki Herschman NYC


“Powerful. Kind . Direct. Supportive. Flexible. Loving.
Mary has been my mentor for some years and I am always thrilled when I work with her on a challenging or particularly stressful area of my life whether it be matters of my heart or finances.  Mary seems to always see clarity in my ‘haze’ and always finds constructive and effective steps to assist me in progressing in my life. Mary will take care of you, feel safe and assured.”

Jesse D. Los Angeles


“Mary Finnerty is a joy to work with. She shares her passion for life and allows one to perceive their own life through an unfiltered lens, and build strength, joy, and harmony in the process. I recommend Mary highly and find her wisdom, joy, and harmony with her true voice enlightening which, in interacting with her true self, allows me to find my true self and strength.”

Mark I. New York


“Mary is a Miracle. A Bold and Incredibly Powerful Miracle. Working with her means actualizing and manifesting your own miracles. It is for those who have a fierce commitment to themselves, to truth, to life, to love, to limitless possibilities. Because that’s what Mary has. And it’s what she shares with her clients. And when they see it and feel it in her, they become infused with it themselves. At that point the sky’s the limit. And all things become possible.”

Paul M, NYC


‘When you describe Mary Finnerty, it’s so easy to marvel at her vibrant, joyful personality and then we meet her remarkable depth and breadth of her experience… A woman of incredible insight and intuition, with an upbeat caring friendly style…’

CC, San Diego, CA


“Mary is a warm, wise, healer and works with a passionate clarity and skill that only the best practitioners possess.  She asks and guides with questions that will take you where you most likely wont take yourself on your own- lets call that un-tapped area the impediment to ones journey- and that journey makes it worth it because of the impact of breaking down barriers.

Fausta Tamburino MS LAc


I have worked with Mary Finnerty, side by side, and have seen her amazing ability to transform people’s lives with her powerful presence, great coaching and powerful intuitive and psychic skills. It’s so much more than just ‘coaching’ though. She has a powerful way of healing through listening, and understanding where people are. And, then helping them tune in, find clarity and have courage to follow Inner Wisdom. I have watched many people go from the place of fear, doubt, insecurity and limiting thought patterns into a place of clarity, and courage to follow their dreams. I watched them step into self-confidence, excitement about life and realizing how powerful is their ability to manifest everything their heart desires. Mary is definitely amazing – a beautiful embodiment of true freedom, power and joy.

Julia Mikk, Founder, Breath of Love


“I’ve only met a few people in my life who I felt embraced transformational work “completely” and Mary is one of them. Her commitment to her own growth has spilled out into the world almost demanding others to ask themselves the question, “Is there more for me?” Her ability to create rapport and her passion to assist others to find “more” for themselves is truly inspiring and done with laughter, joy, and especially, love. Thank you, Mary, for being who you “be”!

Joe B San Diego


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