Lada Levit


Lada Levit is a doctor of Oriental Medicine & the founder of Primordial Voice Practice. She has been involved in sound healing and spiritual healing work for years. She traveled and studied in China, Japan, Buddhist Monasteries of Nepal, Tibet, meditated and climbed the sacred mountains Fuji in Japan and Kailas in Tibet.

Lada comes from a long lineage of Siberian Shamans dating back five generations to a famous Shaman healer Namaadan Hatan Izhi – her great, great, great grandmother who assists her now.

She received her training in the USA, China, Japan and India from Great Masters of Oriental Medicine including Shudo Denmei, Yamomoto, Kiiko Matsumoto, and Li Zhisui (the doctor who treated Mao Zedong in China). A combination of acupuncture and energy work helps her reach the highest level of healing.

Through a long and deep journey of inner work and inner guidance, she got access to the high-frequency vibrational energy which she uses in her healing work today.

Lada has been teaching Primordial Voice Technique for four years to a group of people who benefited from it tremendously.  Now she is guided to bring this teaching to a new level and share it with the public.


Lada is available, by appointment, for her private, profound healing sessions.
Specializing in:
-Woman’s Health and wellbeing
-Hormal Imbalances, Menopause, PMS, fibroids, ovarian cysts, irregular menses, etc.
-Face life and rejuvenation – a secret kept for centuries, powerful and effective.
-Pain relief and management – muscular – skeletal disorders, arthritis, headaches, etc.
-Disorders of the nervous system, stress management, and emotional instability
-Weight loss

-SHAMANIC ACUPUNCTURE – is a combination of two powerful disciplines – oriental medicine and shamanic sound healing practice, providing quick and fundamental change and in a patients aura, effectively removing the energy blocks, obstructions and stagnations, restoring the smooth flow of Qi (energy) and blood circulation.  The Healing starts on a deep level affecting different levels of existence.

Please be aware that it does not matter what kind of a problem is manifested, as soon as equilibrium is restored the body will activate its inborn self-healing system and eliminate any disorder.

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Office address:

80 5th Ave, New York, NY (between 13 & 14 Sts)