Damien Wynne ~ Living in your heart

All the soul-work of our past lives, and especially the past years have been preparing us for the coming in of the new heart-energies of the Now.

These high frequency energies can enter into our field and can be integrated only and only in proportion of the clearing out of the heavy shadow energies of the past. These low frequency energies captured us in the pain and suffering of the Second chakra.
Our creative, manifesting, birthing energies thus were held captive and were operating at the declined state of the structures of the past.

The Light of the high frequencies of the Heart reveal in us our deepest fears, and shadows which often manifest in destructive attachments in actions and relationships as well as in physical pain and illness.  We can support ourselves and each other in releasing and clearing these by coming together as One. The healing that can take place in group work is infinite by proportion.

We can liberate ourselves and heal our creative power, and thus bring all creation into the Now healing Past and Future.

We can give birth to our highest potential, give birth to ourselves, replace the old imprint with the new light information, and thus live in harmony with the universe and with all.

Let go of the fear, let go of hesitation and step into your own Light with a quiet, but sound assurance in your own and all others goodness, gentleness, love and light. The Time to live your Light is Now.

Join Damien Wynne in NYC Or Sedona, AZ, or both, for Light-Grids ~ Connecting to the Womb of Mother Earth and Letting God In, Group Clearings and Light-Grids 2 Day Practitioner Training


Light-Grids NYC                                                                                                                                                     Light-Grids Sedona, AZ

  Light-Grids Sedona, AZ - Oct 30-Nov 4