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Damien Wynne
Teacher for Self-Healing and Self-Empowerment

When I was a child, I always had a deep craving and excitement about trying everything in life, so I had many experiences. These experiences and discoveries covered the whole spectrum of my life from the spiritual to the physical; from out-of -body astral traveling to creating different meals in the kitchen or to
connect with the plant energies in the garden. People asked me what I wanted to do and inside I had the answer: to help people and experience everything in life. It is only now that Iʼm realizing why I was getting these answers.

I use to connect with and travel to places every night while sleeping. I would practice flying to these different places. On occasion, I would lie in bed and my consciousness would drop into a vacuum of complete stillness. This is where Creation was for me. Up to quite recently, my consciousness was out of my body most of the time, even during the day. It was only when I started working with the Technique that I realized the importance of grounding in the body and being aware of my Earth energy connection.

As a child, I had a very deep connection with Knowledge of the World, and could see through the Games of the World. I was told that the Knowledge was there for us all to receive . All we needed to do was just learn how to connect and listen, and know that not a single piece of the Knowledge and Teaching from spirit was ever wasted. It is all there, in a Memory Bank that we can tap into through the heart while being centered and grounded. The Knowledge would come through the heart, not the mind, and would leave in an instant when not needed.

It seemed that I had to experience every fear of control, and manipulation energies whilst growing up, so I could clear them in others. I would dive into many situations, and had many experiences in my childhood which were very rich. By experiencing such a wide range of emotions I feel that I have lived many lives in this current lifetime.

In my late twenties, my life became so chaotic and blocked that I had to go through physical injuries, which put me in a wheelchair. These physical traumas were also intertwined with psychological traumas forcing me to look deeper into myself, and start working on my blocks and shedding the tears of the
past. I also deconstructed and stepped outside of the mold that society had placed upon me.

I was guided to a healer who burst open my heart chakra and told me that I, too, could do healing. Once I accepted this, the Universe opened up channels through me and connected me to my gifts of healing. This was the beginning of my work in this life. As soon as I started working with a laser from my third eye, I could see that there were many symbols and layers that I could work with. It was like opening up an infinite book of knowing and connecting with the first line. I had a great childlike yearning to learn and experience the whole book in my work.

The Universe guided people to me who helped me clear my past issues and bring in many teachings which would clear my core of heavier, dense energy. They also helped me as spirit to grow and unfold, and to make a stronger and more grounded, and clearer channel. Each one of these people were such treasures on my journey, as they helped me evolve through many layers of awareness. I feel blessed and honored that our paths crossed and that we helped each other to grow on this beautiful sacred journey. For me, a meeting with every person is a mutual sacred exchange of beautiful treasures . So, I would like to honor, from the depths of my heart and spirit all these people who crossed my path.

I had a calling from the Spirit Guides in Brazil to connect to them directly. So, I went to Brazil where I connected with beautiful Beings, Entities and Spiritual Guides working there. They pushed and pulled me to clear on a much deeper level, letting go of attachments, and turned my life totally upside down. At the same time they provided me with support and guidance in my calling, and blessed me in my healing work so that I could give up my life as a businessman and work as a healer. The changes I made through working with these beings completely changed the work.

The Entities helped me to connect to the Star Family, Mother Earth, and Universal Energies. These links supported me to work with points on the body which were mapping out Star Charts and Universal Shifts, moment by moment. These changed and evolved in every moment of the Technique.

In every moment of these significant changes , I was given different frequencies of Light to work with, on these points, as they helped help to clear heavy energies of the past. The Helpers opened up both family lines, the DNA, past lives, and star connections for each person, and as these energy patterns began to clear very effectively, it became evident that there was also a clearing of the physical body of dense energies, creating space so that the spirit could come down and fully integrate with the body.

Our dense energies could be representing blocks, As we clear these heavy energies layer by layer, towards our core, energies which pull us down and away from our true paths in this life, we are also cleansing these energies from the Earth. By removing ourselves from the web of fear and manipulation that is holding us back from knowing our true divine nature, we are also helping to remove this web of fear from the Earth.
We need to clear our very cells in this work, break down the ego so that we
can truly live and work from the heart.

The Entities pushed me relentlessly to find deeper teachings and to face lessons that were uncomfortable for me. Finally, they pushed me away so that I would reconnect directly to Source, the Star Channels, and Mother Earth. It felt as if my childhood cravings, and longings, were answered with these Sacred Gifts on a much higher and mature level. Immediately after this separation from the Entities Source gave a huge gift to the Technique: Spirals of pure light from the Source for clearing heavy energies and the past much faster than before, and they gave us Light Grids.

The more I worked with these highest and purest vibrations, the more I realized that everything that is happening on the outside is a reflection of the inside. So, to clear the exterior, we have to go deep into the Soul and heal at that level.

By healing our connection with Mother Earth, the Oceans and the Air, we clear the pain of the Earth, the Oceans, and Air, externally, as well as internally within our bodies, to the deepest cellular level. The Star Charts are in our bodies, and by cleansing our bodies physically, emotionally and spiritually, we clear our connection to the Universe.

We all have connection with Source and all Universal energies and frequencies. We have to learn to listen to and ground these connections into our bodies and the Earth, so that we can be guided through our hearts and intuitive senses to the higher frequencies and knowledge of the Now, and to create and open the feeling of Oneness in our Souls.

Each time we work on ourselves, we are changing and opening the energetic field of the environment, so that we can allow higher frequencies of Light to come down.By doing this, we have stepped into a new era and opened windows in the energy fields of fear and control. These windows have opened up around the world at this moment, and it is up to each one of us to take our responsibilities for the healing. Yet, we do not need to do this work alone. We have a golden opportunity to clear the past now and walk through fully into the Light land become One with the purest Light. We have great opportunities to step up, and to start living in these high frequencies through the heart, without fear, living in a childlike manner with pure joy . The time to awaken to the beauty that is inside each one of us, and reflect this outwardly, is NOW.


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